With their 60,000 square foot warehouse to help with short or long term storage, Berger Allied Moving & Storage is here to help!

They handle residential or office relocation, and logistics for moving large items, just to name a few of their services. A fleet of 53ft trucks, 950 crates, and 500 drivers across the United States – they solve your moving logistics. Come meet Steve Sprow as TRG Goes To…Berger Allied!

“The weirdest thing I can remember moving is probably a football goal post, or at least part of it. The customer had run onto the field after a Texas Tech football game. The fans began to tear down the goal post after a big win and this customer was able to snag a large portion of the goal post and bring it home,” Steve laughed.

“When I moved to Texas in 1999, I had an opportunity to move into a sales position with a smaller moving company.Being my first sales job, this was a great way to get my feet wet. I realized quickly, that being successful in the relocation industry, would require making many new professional relationships as well as working closely with new customers on a daily basis. Having the opportunity to work outside the office environment was also very appealing to me.”